We all know and love Jon Hamm. While he is most well known for his stunning performance as Donald Draper on AMC’s hit drama Mad Men, here are some things you may have not known about his childhood. 3 statements are true, and one is false! See if you can spot the lie.

1. Before Hamm’s family immigrated to the United States, Jon worked sweeping floors in the family deli, located in the small town of Hallstatt, Austria. The deli was a common meeting place for local politicians, and it was here that Jon first experienced the thrill of representative democracy.

2. At the age of 9, Hamm’s family was forced to flee Hallstatt after Jon’s father crossed the wrong people in the Mayor’s office. They moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, took what little money they had, and opened a new European deli to cater to both locals and tourists. Watching his parents struggle as immigrants and small business owners helped shape Jon Hamm’s unique ideas about fiscal responsibility.

3. By the age of 14, Jon had won his first election to Student Council at Santa Fe High, beating the popular incumbent Tess Andrews in a surprise upset, and was interning under a local city councilman after school. Also at this time, he began taking Miss Baker’s drama class, in which he played his first role as Biff in Death of a Salesman.

4. Jon’s teacher was impressed and saw a lot of promise in his acting, although Jon was worried the drama class would cut into his time learning the ins and outs of local government under Councilman DeBaccio. However, when the economy began to take a turn for the worse, the family business was hit hard, and Jon was forced to do whatever he could to help support his parents. Unfortunately, he had to give up his goal of running for office to accept the numerous acting roles he was being offered.


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