Let’s face it. We could all use a break from facing the challenges of everyday life on our own. On days when you’re feeling down, we can take inspiration from Serova, the magical imp who lives in Taylor Swift’s right ear.

1. Never give up. Taylor Swift has only achieved her unprecedented fame, prestige, and wealth thanks to her passion, perseverance, and positive attitude. Had her fairy imp friend not been there to provide emotional support and encouragement during her dark days, who knows where she would have ended up?

2. Set goals and don’t ever stop working towards them. There were probably days when Taylor Swift felt like staying in bed and browsing Instagram all day or eating Nutella straight from the jar. But she always turned it around and eventually sold over 40 million albums, thanks to the help of Serova, who was always there just above her earlobe reminding her to never stop striving until she reaches her goals.

3. Be honest and be fierce. Express yourself. Throughout her career, there were people who tried to fight against Taylor Swift’s success and keep her from expressing her true feelings in her songs. She couldn’t have written great pop anthems such as “You Belong With Me” and “I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In” if it weren’t for her beloved aural sprite gently whispering while she slept: “Be honest, be fierce.”

4. Forgive your friends who have wronged you. Look, Taylor Swift didn’t become the ten-time Grammy award winning country-pop crossover sensation she is without making a few enemies. Serova, the mystical creature that guides her through all tough decisions, had to stay determined working late hours to prevent Taylor Swift from burning too many bridges.

5. But don’t be afraid to move on when you need to. You think Taylor Swift would be where she is today, worth $250 million by the tender age of 27, without knowing when to leave people behind who are holding her back? For this, Taylor owes all her strength and success to the otherworldly being residing at the edge of her ear canal, Serova, for telling her, “Don’t look back, Taylor. Don’t ever look back.”


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