Okay productivity fiends, this one’s for you.

When money is tight, people are always looking here and there for ways to save a little more or spend a little less. Fortunately, there is a new smartphone finance app that will help by simply rounding up every transaction you make to the nearest dollar, and waste the leftover change on lottery scratchers for you!

The app, called ScratchThat, is free to download and available for Android or iOS phones, and is actually very simple and easy to use. Once a user has linked their credit and debit cards, it monitors each transaction, rounds up the total to the nearest dollar, and squanders it on trivial scratcher game cards without you having to do any extra work.

So, for instance, say you buy some groceries totalling $15.33. The app would round that total up to $16, and the difference – 67 cents – would be thrown away on games like Monopoly Millionaire or Stinkin’ Rich.

The developers of the app point out that, in the event that the lottery scratcher ends up being a winner, the winnings are then put back into your account to be wasted on even more scratcher games.

Mostly the app is getting stellar reviews, because users no longer have to think about it or go out of their way to waste money on lottery scratchers anymore. The app will just do it for you!


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